About Nepal

Nepal is a country of diversity and ambiguity with amazing landscape and populace. It is known for its mountains ranges and the historically significant religious sites. The geography of the country stretches all the way from the plains of the terai with sub tropical jungles in the south to the cold mountains ranges in the north the dense green hills of the west to the highest peaks of the world. Nepalese are reputed for their honesty, bravery integrity and their hard working ability. Historically, they have been serving in the British Army, Singapore Police and Gurkha regiment in India and have created significant impression due to their commitment. Nepal is famous for Buddha, apostle of peace, world’s highest mountain the Mt. Everest and war veteran Gurkhas. The scenic beauty, cultural & ethnic diversity, friendly atmosphere and people have contributed in creating it as one of the top tourist destination.

and largest city
28°10′N 84°15′E
Official languages Nepali
Recognized regional languages
Religion 81.3% Hinduism
9.0%   Buddhism
4.4%   Islam
3.0%   Kirant
1.4%   Christianity
0.4%   Animism
0.5%   Irreligion[3][4]
Government Federal parliamentaryrepublic


147,181 km2(56,827 sq mi) (93rd)

• Water (%)


• 2016 estimate

28,982,771[8] (48th)

 2011 census


• Density

180/km2 (466.2/sq mi) (62nd)
Time zone Nepal Standard Time(UTC+05:45)
DST not observed
Currency Nepalese rupee (NPR)
Drives on the left
Calling code +977
ISO 3166 code NP
Internet TLD .np